• Upgrades / Repairs

    We supply and fit all compatible hardware for your PC or Laptop to get it up to the level or speed you require. We will do this at an appropriate and fair price for you Within your budget..

  • Virus Removal

    We can safely remove any viral infections from your computer whilst keeping your existing files safe. In some serious instances we may not be able to recover certain files but we will advise you of this.

  • Data Backup and Recovery

    As part of our commitment to excellence we offer a Data Recovery Service which ensures all your important files are backed up and/or restored in the event of imminent hard drive failure or when a format is required.

  • Home / Office On Site Repairs

    Once you have decided that you are happy for one of our engineers to rectify the problem, we can call at your home and repair there and then. Any parts or components that need to be bought or upgraded will need to be paid for on completion of the work.

  • Collect/Return

    Similar to our Home Repair service.If its inconvenient to have your PC fixed at home or for reasons beyond our control we can offer to take it away and repair it and return it to you in a reasonable time depending on the volume of work / distance and/or part availability..